What is Dry Fogging and what does it do?

Are you sick of that Car Odour that you just cant shift?

"What is Dry Fogging?"

Thats exactly what we said when we first heard of 'Dry Fogging' earlier this year. Since then it has become a regular job in the workshop and a MUST HAVE for anyone with stubborn car odours.

The solution with Dry Fogging is simple, we fill your car with a scented dry fog smoke, it gets into every part of your interior penetrating deep into the seats, upholstery and carpets, it even gets into the air system and roof trim!

Once you car has the correct level of fog inside we leave the dry fog to work its magic.

It neutralises and eliminates all of the odours that are in the car! After about 30 minutes the miracle is complete and your car will be thoroughly vented leaving a lovely clean scent.

Our dry fog is specifically produced for odour elimination and wont damage your car. The best part is the price, your car or van can be odur free for only £19.95!

Smoke out those odurs for good!

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Published by BMSC on 02/11/2010