Why should I service my car?

Servicing is an important part of looking after your vehicle which is often forgotten about or ignored. If you don't regularly have your car serviced, faults may develop which may otherwise have been avoided and the road worthiness of your vehicle may be affected making it fail its next MOT test.

Ignoring servicing until something goes wrong can be an expensive risk to take. For only a relatively small amount, you can have your car serviced every year to make sure everything is working correctly and that there are no worn parts or problems developing.

If you ignore a worn part then other faults may develop as a result, leading to expensive repair bills, as other parts of your vehicle are affected and the time needed to carry out the repairs versus having a service carried out, climbs.

Take a look at the service types we offer using the menubar at the top of the page to compare features. Even if you only go for the lowest service we offer, it can help to save you plenty of money in the long run.

At Basingstoke MOT and Servicing Centre we pride ourselves on the quality of all our work and believe that we offer the best quality servicing for your vehicle in the area.

Please fill in our booking form to book your Service now and don't forget to check our discounts page to see if there are any vouchers you can use to obtain money off. Alternatively, for more information please contact us here.


We are also proud to be the first and currently the only Mobil approved Service Centre in Basingstoke. This hasn't happened by chance, our constant striving to improve our service, processes and the products we use means we can offer the best service at the best price to our customers.

We are also proud to be part of the Good Garage Scheme where are currently have the highest number of feedback in the Basingstoke area. Testiment to the impression that we make on our customers when they visit out facility and the treatment the received from our staff. Have a look for yourself at the lastest comments and scores received at: http://www.goodgaragescheme.co.uk/garage/search/p