Here are the details of what is included in our exceptional Gold and Mobil Gold Services:

These items are in addition to the Silver Service.

Check and adjust handbreak operation and travel  
Top up gearbox and differential oils ensuring no leaks  
Replace 4 Spark plugs (Petrol only) - £10+ per additional plug will be charged  
Replace air filter  
Replace fuel filter (diesels only) - NB  
Check windscreens and rear view mirror for chips and cracks to MOT requirements  
Check all wheel bearings for roughness, excessive free play and noise  
Lubricate front bonnet catch and cable  
Ensure good operation fo all dashboard lights  
Check all fixings and fastenings on engine and gearbox mounts  
Inspect shock absorbers for leaks  
Inspect all springs for cracks or other damage  
Lubricate throttle cables and inspect for damage  
Lubricate all door hinges and locks as required  
Ensure all interior switches operate correctly  
Check fuel cap for leaks and damage  
Check good operation of starter motor and cranking  
Inspect radiator and coolant pipes/hose for leaks, rust or damage  
Ensure engine cooling fan operates at correct temperatures  
Carry out road test  
Replace pollen/cabin filters (optional at additional cost)  
Mobil Oils and lubricants can be used on request at an additional charge  


Our Mobil Gold Service Includes the above and also the following:

 Advanced formula car fuel treatment  
 Advanced formula car engine oil flush
Mobil Fully or Semi Synthetic Oil depending on Vehicle requirements  



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